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CFB: Split? Maybe. Unanimous? Definitely not.

A while ago, Florida and Oklahoma played one of the better college football games I've watched this year. The outcome was not a certainty until the last five minutes of the game. It looked like the Sooners wore down, and the Gators jumped all over the momentum and ended up with a 24-14 victory and the BCS national title. Both teams looked good, but Florida was the better team of the two tonight. As far as the questions of "Could Utah beat Florida?" and "Could Texas beat Florida?" and "Could USC beat Florida?" and any variation of the aforementioned teams plus a few other teams, we will never know.

But,  understand, the BCS national title is not the only "title" in town. There are many who believe Utah should be declared the winner of the final AP Poll of the year. And we have already heard how a couple of coaches are planning to vote in the Coaches' Poll, and it won't be for Florida. So, even though we have a winner and a runner up in the BCS "national championship" game, opinions obviously vary as to whether the two best teams in the country played in this game. Other coaches are saying they have the number one team in the country.

We know who the BCS tells us should be the "national champion," but that definitely won't be the end of the discussion, because, even if Florida finishes first in the AP and the Coaches' polls, you can bet those won't be unanimous. Oklahoma still may get some #1 votes in these polls. Texas will get some #1 votes in both polls. USC may get some #1 votes in both polls. As stated earlier, there are many -- writers, coaches, fans -- who believe Utah deserves part or all of the AP "championship."

These arguments will not stop, perhaps ever. A playoff may come along, but it won't be for a while yet, at least until someone figures out how to break the stranglehold the BCS and the "money men" backing it have on the bowls and how the championship is decided.

Congratulations to Florida and Oklahoma on a well-played game. But don't expect the world of college football in totality to buy into who the BCS "authorities" have named champion.

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OFF-TOPIC: CFB chaos - no unified champ this year

Well, the wonderful BCS system is one step closer to setting us up for another year without a "unified" national champion in college football.

The writers (AP Poll) have Florida #1, with 50 first-place votes; Oklahoma #2, with nine first-place votes, and Texas #3, with six first-place votes.

The coaches (ESPN/USA Today Poll) have Oklahoma #1, with 31 first-place votes; Florida #2, with 26 first-place votes, and Texas #3 with four first-place votes.

The BCS rankings are as follows: Oklahoma, .976; Florida, .948, and Texas, .930.

Oklahoma plays Florida for the National Championship. Texas plays Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl. I've said this within the last few weeks -- I believe there is a very real chance that, among the BCS, the AP Poll, and the Coaches' Poll, we will not see a clear, undisputed champ. In both the AP and the Coaches' polls, I can see scenarios -- a narrow loss in the National Championship game either way and a Texas win, particularly a blowout -- potentially leading to a three-way split vote for first place. Who knows what the final BCS numbers would be.

While this is wonderful because it gives those who are apt to do so something to argue about, it does not satisfy the all-too-human urge for logical resolution. We have the illusion that Florida and Oklahoma are playing for the National Championship, but the reality is that two polls, some writers and some computers have a wildly varying opinion of what's what. Many, including loads and loads of fans, do not even agree that Florida and Oklahoma should be playing for the championship.

At the very least, I believe we will see a split between the AP and the Coaches, especially if Oklahoma and Florida play a close game. In this case, as well, if Texas wins, especially going away, they likely would get some first-place votes in both polls, too.

My kingdom for a championship football tournament!

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OFF-TOPIC: The Urban Triangle-Utah, FLA . . . ND?

I was trying to develop an idea for a blog about how Florida Gators coach Urban Meyer, who piloted the University of Utah's football team to an undefeated season in 2004 and its first BCS bowl afterward (the Utes beat the Pitt Panthers in the Fiesta Bowl), would feel about all the wailing and gnashing of teeth over his former team getting its share of the BCS glory again this year. I couldn't readily find any interviews with or other sources from Meyer on this question, but I ran across a more intriguing question, a question couched in a column by a Florida sports columnist.

On November 20, in a column by Pete Kerasotis on www.floridatoday.com titled "Notre Dame, Meyer seem like perfect fit," Kerasotis posits the question of whether Meyer could end up at the University of Notre Dame in the not-so-distant future. According to Kerasotis' column, more than once in the past, including in his authorized biography, Meyer has professed a love of Notre Dame, referring to the coaching job there as one of only three that "his wife has no veto power to block him from taking a job at." The other two are Ohio State and Michigan.

Kerasotis goes on to write, "Of those three, Meyer's self-proclaimed "dream job" -- his quote, not mine -- is Notre Dame, where he was once an assistant under Lou Holtz, spending five years with the Golden Domers. Meyer also spent the first two years of his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Ohio State, where he earned his master's degree. He is an Ohio boy who grew up revering Woody Hayes."

Here is a link to Kerasotis' column:


Now, according to an Associated Press story picked up by CBS titled "Notre Dame keeps Weis, though season 'fell short,'" Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick has decided to allow Charlie Weis to stay for his fifth year as head coach of the faltering Fighting Irish football program. While still qualifying for a bowl game after finishing the year 6-6, 2008 could not be characterized as anything less than miserable for the team and its fans. There likely is plenty of blame to go around, but a lot of it is rightfully settling on Weis' shoulders. I get the impression that 2009 may finally be the make-or-break for Weis. I have a hard time believing that if significant progress is not made, Swarbrick and ND alumni will be able to find much more patience with Weis. Even though he would still have six years left on a 10-year contract after next year, sufficient funds to buy him out would appear very, very quickly, if those funds aren't already in a bank vault somewhere, waiting for the call.

Here is a link to the referenced story:


For me, based on what is in Kerasotis' column, if Meyer is speaking truthfully in his biography and in other statements he has made, Notre Dame could be his next logical stop. Why not? Notre Dame alumni and fans would probably fall at Meyer's feet if he could produce nearly the success he has had at Utah and particularly at Florida. He is a fine coach and a fine recruiter and could be just the cure for what ails the Fighting Irish football program. Of course, Meyer signed a seven-year deal of his own with Florida in 2005, but it likely would be fairly easy for him to engineer the deal to head north if he really wanted to.

For more fabric, here is a link to the Wikipedia entry on Urban Meyer:



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OFF-TOPIC: CFB -- polls fairly stable for now

I checked out the College Football polls yesterday, and I couldn't believe my eyes! The writers' and the coaches' polls actually are in agreement on the Top Six -- Alabama, Texas Tech, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, and Southern California. The writers have Penn State at 7 and Utah at 8, while the coaches have those reversed. And the polls also agree on 9 and 10, Boise State and Ohio State.

It appears that, over the next few weeks, the "wrangling" is going to happen in the slots from 10 to 20, with maybe a little action in the 7 through 10 slots. I think, though, the Top Six are set for now. I'm impressed by the cross section of conferences represented in the Top 10. Pretty amazing!

Ball State continues to creep toward the Top Ten at 14 in the writers' poll and 16 in the coaches' poll. Cincinnati is now at 19 in the writers' poll, 20 in the coaches' poll. My hope is for Ball State to finish undefeated so they can stick a big red Cardinal thumb in the BCS' eye when it's all said and done.

Here's the Top Ten in the BCS right now -- Alabama, Texas Tech, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, USC, Utah, Penn State, Boise State, and Ohio State. (Ball State currently is at 17 in the BCS.) Georgia and Oklahoma State are 11 and 12.

The next few weeks should be interesting. There is still a lot of good football to be played!

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