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Double standard/no standard for NFL discipline

 Let's try a little hypothetical question here.

Suppose John Henderson perpetrated the same kind of assault as he did on Andrew Whitworth on, let's say, Ben Roethlisberger or Peyton Manning. Does anyone believe the standard of discipline would be the same? In this case, Steelers and Colts owners, management, coaches, etc., would throw absolute conniptions if Henderson wasn't suspended and more heavily fined for trying to severely injure and potentially end the career of their franchise's most valuable player.

Quarterbacks are worth more dough than offensive linemen to an organization and occupy a much more visible place on a team, so I guess that means a different standard would apply when deciding on discipline. Just my theory, and it appears to be backed up by recent actions coming out of Goodell's office. If this is so, it is complete nonsense. All players at every position should hold the same value to the NFL when it comes to such matters.

It's apparent the NFL is all about the dough now, and it's apparent that realistic discipline does not exist.

Posted on: November 7, 2008 3:44 pm
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BREAKING: Whitworth, Henderson fined $10,000 each

Jaguars' Henderson, Bengals' Whitworth fined $10K for fight


What a crock. No suspension for Henderson? Guess it's OK to try to gouge a guy's eyeballs out. If this is what passes for discipline in the NFL, something needs to change. They are confused when they fine players with no flags thrown for a penalty, yet give the same penalty to the victim in a situation, who could have suffered a severe injury, as the guy who was trying to hurt him.

I have less and less faith by the day in the ability of Roger Goodell and the NFL to effectively govern this game.

ADDED -- 6:14 p.m. 11/7/08

According to a story on www.bengals.com, Whitworth's agent will appeal the fine. It sounds like Whitworth expected the fine, but not for Henderson to receive the same penalty as he did. I believe that is likely why they are appealing the fine. Just my observation.


I heard on 1530 Homer on the way home today that several other Bengals' players were fined for "being near the fight." I also heard that Henderson got another $5,000 tacked on for the "ilegal hands" to Whitworth's face. I'll be following up to verify these and put the information up here later.

So, if this is true, the NFL places a monetary value on Whitworth's eyes and does not send a message to other players that this type of behavior is not acceptable. Great, just great.

ADDED: 6:28 p.m. 11/7/08

ESPN story verifying extra $5,000 for "iilegal hands to the face."


Story from the Orlando Sentinel on the same topic.


 The story about other Bengals being fined may have been hyperbole on the part of the host of the show on 1530 Homer.

ADDED 8:32 p.m. 11/7/08

Updated story from www.bengals.com including all earlier information and verifying that "Several other Bengals were also apparently fined for being near the fight."


This feels almost to me as if Goodell and/or the NFL has it in for the Bengals. This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous.

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EXTRA! EXTRA! Bengals break an egg! (but it's OK)

The Bengals managed this afternoon to leave the Lions as the remaining 0-fer in the NFL by earning a 21-19 victory against the Jaguars, despite being outscored 16-0 in the fourth quarter, the quarter which has proven to be their Achilles heel all year.

For the first time in as long as I can remember, the Bengals scored on their opening possession when Ryan Fitzpatrick hit Chad Ocho Cinco/Johnson with a 2-yard strike. Ocho scored again on a 10-yard Fitzpatrick pass in the second quarter. The Bengals entered the locker room at halftime up 14-3, surprising most of the fans and probably themselves. Josh Scobee hit a 52-yard field goal with about three minutes left in the first half to get the Jags on the board.

Bengals drew first blood in the second half on a seven-yard run from Cedric Benson in the third quarter. Benson proved today he was a good pick-up and a good fit for the team. He had 104 yards on 24 carries, the first 100-yard rush effort by a Bengals running back this year.

That was all the scoring in the game until the fourth quarter. The Bengals entered the quarter up 21-3. Then, the Jags rattled off 16 unanswered points on a 26-yard Scobee field goal, an 18-yard fumble return by Montell Owens, and a 1-yard touchdown run by Maurice Jones-Drew. The Bengals were able to stop the 2-point conversion after Jones-Drew's TD run, and T.J. Houshmandzadeh recovered the ensuing onside kick.

Before the end of the game, the Bengals had to punt away to the Jags one more time, with 19 seconds on the clock and the Jags with no timeouts. Garrard and company made a valiant effort to manufacture a play with the old "hook and ladder," but just ran out of room to keep the ball moving.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was 21/31 for 162 yards, with one interception and two TDs, both to Ocho Cinco. Fitz also had three rushes for 52  yards, including a 22-yard scamper. David Garrard was 23/38 for 229 yards with one interception. Garrard also had six rushes for 23 yards.

The Bengals also got three sacks (-15) to two sacks (-9) by the Jaguars. Pressure by the defensive line was good for most of the game, with a bit of a letdown in the fourth quarter.

Keys for the Bengals

Run Defense -- The Bengals defense held Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor to a combined 45 yards on 15 carries, one of the best performances to date by the defense against the run.

Offensive Line -- The offensive line actually gave Fitz time to think today and opened the holes for Benson to maneuver through.

What They Need To Work On

Finishing the Game -- The Bengals again broke down in the fourth quarter, getting outscored 16-0. The defense did just enough to help win the game, but they should have been able to do better, considering the offense performed well enough throughout the game to give the defense time to rest. Focus and concentration may have been the problem. Of course, they may have been surprised to be anticipating a win, too, and suffered a coinciding letdown.

Oddity of the Game

Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth got into it with Jaguars defensive tackle John Henderson in the third quarter. The two ended up exchanging punches and both were ejected from the game. Expect fines to be levied on both, though I doubt suspensions will be forthcoming.

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0-9 not so fine -- Jags @ Bengals, by the numbers

The Bengals face the possibility of going 0-9 Sunday heading into a matchup with the 3-4 Jaguars. The Jaguars, fourth in the AFC South with a conference record of 2-1 and coming off a 23-17 loss to the Browns last week, will be looking to keep pace in the division with the Colts and the Texans, who also stand at 3-4. The AFC South is led by the undefeated Titans, who sit at 7-0. The Bengals are dead last in the AFC North, which is led by the Steelers at 5-2, followed by the Ravens at 4-3 and the Browns at 3-4.

As the season has progressed, even the best part of the Bengals' game, the defense, has started to show some wear and tear due to spending too much time on the field. The Bengals are now struggling to keep depth in the secondary, which has been a strength. The perfomance of the defense against the pass has slipped recently.

Here is the matchup, by the numbers:

                                                                               Bengals                                        Jaguars

Average points per game                                13                                                   20

Passing yards per game                                 151                                                201

Rushing yards per game                                 78                                                  116

Points allowed per game                                 27                                                  22

Passing yards allowed per game                  191                                                231

Rushing  yards allowed per game                 147                                               108

Total offense                                                       229                                               317

Total defense                                                      338                                               338

The Bengals could move the ball in the air against the Jaguars, but perhaps not with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm. On the flip side, the Jaguars have a good running game, with the one-two punch of Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor. The duo has not been overly productive to this point in the season, but they are due a breakout game and the Bengals could be just the team to get it against, considering their poor defense against the run. Teams have a tendency to "find their game" against the hapless Bengals. The Bengals have had no luck with the run so far this year, but Cedric Benson has been slowly finding a groove, and, if Marvin Lewis is smart, he will play Benson more this weekend.

Realistically, for the Bengals, the game will hinge on whether the offensive line can give Fitz enough protection to kick-start the passing game. A little support from Benson would open it up, as well. If the Jaguars get to Fitz early, that could be enough to shatter what confidence he will have going into the game and make for another long day for the defense. The 'three-and-out" offense has been a consistent problems for the Bengals.

Four of the six CBS experts and SPIN have picked the Jaguars, while one expert has picked the Bengals. The Vegas line, at last check, had the Jaguars by 7 1/2, down from the initial line of 8. With the Bengals playing at home, this line does not offer a lot of encouragement.

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Embarrassing line: Jags by 8 over Bengals at home

The early Vegas line on the Jacksonville versus Cincinnati game this Sunday has the Jaguars by 8 over the Bengals. A touchdown + 2. OUCH! The Bengals can't even get a bump when they play at Paul Brown Stadium.

I entertained the idea that the Bengals might have a chance against the Texans this past Sunday, but that thought evaporated pretty quickly. The line for that game was the Texans by about 9-9 1/2 (if I recall correctly), who covered it and then some.

Chances are, based on the Bengals' performance against the Texans, the boys in Vegas are right again, and the Bengals will get mauled by the Jaguars.

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