Posted on: December 24, 2008 1:06 am
Edited on: December 24, 2008 1:56 am

MLB: Deals put Yanks under white-hot spotlight

If this team didn't already get enough attention, they just set themselves up for a lot more. A recent spate of free-agent signings -- including a seven-year $161 million contract to CC Sabathia, a five-year $82 million contract to A.J. Burnett, and an eight-year $180 million contract to Mark Teixeira -- will essentially have the team baking under the spotlight this year.

Threads are being posted all over the place, by Yanks fans, Yanks haters, baseball fans in general, to different ends. Yanks fans are lauding the moves and sticking their tongues out at Red Sox fans. Yanks haters are wishing a pox on the team and its management. Baseball fans in general are wondering what such deals will do to the overall economics of the game.

I can tell you that I normally don't follow the Yankees all that closely. I hold nothing for or against the team. I am a Reds fan, and I have had trouble enough the last few years keeping my stomach up for watching them on a regular basis (good news is they are poised to improve in 2009). But I will also tell you that I will be watching the Yanks a little more closely this year, as will a lot of other fans, Yanks lovers, haters and everyone in between.

I admit I would laugh myself silly if the Yanks don't make it to the playoffs. The derision that would rain down upon the team, especially from their own fans, would be nothing short of spectacular. Their new stadium could go up in flames before the first season in it ends if the Yanks don't live up to the expectations they have created with this outrageous free spending.

It will be interesting to see what happens as the season progresses. Money can buy the best players, but it can't force those players to work well together. We are talking about highly-paid players with strong personalities. Hopefully, the management will be ready to forge a close-knit group coming out of spring training, or I would anticipate the possibility of a meltdown of monumental proportions.

Thanks, Yanks, for making the upcoming 2009 season that much more interesting!

Posted on: November 5, 2008 4:57 pm

BP gets first GG! Woweeee!!

Cincinnati Reds second basemen Brandon Phillips earned his first Rawlings Gold Glove Award for his play during the 2008 season. Among Phillips' season highlights: a National League-leading .990 fielding percentage and a 78-game streak without an error.

Here is a link to the story at www.cincinnati.reds.mlb.com:


Congrats, BP! You deserve it. May it be the first of many for you in a Reds uniform!

Posted on: February 2, 2008 4:00 pm
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Glass half full -- what's on the menu?

The Reds have set the table, now let's see what kind of meal they can put together and serve to us . . .

Dusty Baker is on board. Walt Jockety is in the front office, serving at the conduit/liaison between Bob Castellini and Wayne Krivsky (I have a feeling that, if Krivsky has a rough year, he will be fired either before the season is over or shortly after season's end. And they would lose nothing, because Jockety could slide right into the job).

Enough player moves have been made to stock the cupboard. Cordero, Volquez, Affeldt, Adkins, Brower, Herrera, Lehr, Pettyjohn, Valenzuela -- all pitchers. All, to a greater or lesser degree, will get a look in spring training. Cordero and Affeldt are the only ones likely to be a lock in some kind of role for the Reds. Volquez may be next in line. The rest will get a shot, but likely will end up somewhere in the minors. But, for the first time in a long time, there is some new, and good, material to work with.

I must say I'm a bit puzzled by the raise that Matt Belisle got -- considering his numbers from last year (OK -- not good, not great, but OK), somebody  in the organization must see something that most of us don't. Whoever that person is, I hope that person is right.

Position players acquired in the offseason look to be role players, either in the minors or occasionally in the Bigs.

I think the starting lineup won't look much different from last year, which also disappoints me to some degree. I had hoped the Reds would deal Dunn or Griffey or both, but the market just wasn't there, or the terms couldn't be worked out. One side or the other asking too much. Oh, well, we'll have to live with it one way or the other.

Let's hope Homer Bailey is more consistent and able to have a good showing, and, if he makes the Big Show right out of spring training, let's hope he can stand the routine of starting every fourth or fifth game.

Things to look forward to: seeing what Joey Votto and Jay Bruce can do, and, on deck, Johnny Cueto.

Here's the CBS Team Page for the Reds if you want to get the full lowdown:


This year, I'm not counting on the playoffs, but who knows? If all the pieces fall just right . . . I'm fairly confident, though, that they will finish above .500. At the very least, THAT will be an achievement for them.



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