Posted on: January 30, 2009 12:34 am
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Best Live Music Show You've Seen

I'm going to take a page from fellow CBS member Da Fan In Japan and take a slightly different slant on the live music scene. Da Fan has posted a blog on the Best Live Album, and it's done quite well. I want to post a blog on the best live SHOW you've seen. This won't be a poll, just a spot to regale us all with tales of great shows you've seen and the venues you've seen them in.

This doesn't have to be about rock. If you've seen some good jazz shows, country, etc., post up. Whatever floats your boat.

I'll start with a few I've seen over the years.

Beatlemania -- first show I ever saw, at Cincinnati Gardens. Maybe this one doesn't count, but the guys in this group for Beatlemania were really good.

The Clash -- I saw them at Hara Arena in Dayton on the Combat Rock Tour. This was a loud and intense show. "Festival" seating was allowed on the floor, but I was smart enough to get an actual seat on the left side of ths stage about half-way back in the arena. Fantastic show.

David Gilmour -- I saw him on the About Face Tour. On the floor, right side of the stage, in line with the speakers. I can still hear the buzzing in my ears. I think this one was at Cincinnati Gardens, too, but can't remember for sure.

The Police -- I saw them at Riverfront Coliseum, back when it was still called Riverfront Coliseum. It was the Synchronicity Tour. The opening act, Reflex (famous for the "hit" The Politics of Dancing" -- completely forgettable), was awful, but The Police were awesome.

The Go-Gos -- They were at Riverbend in Cincinnati on the Prime Time Tour. INXS opened for them and were actually better, though the girls put on a pretty good show, too. I still recall that show when I think about what Michael Hutchence did to himself. Idiot.

That same summer, I think, I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Gregg Allman Band. Stevie Ray was on the Live Alive tour, and Allman was on the I'm No Angel Tour. What a show that was. A friend of mine still has the pick he caught from Stevie Ray. That's another show I think about with some sadness, but glad to have seen Stevie Ray before death caught up with him.

Morrissey -- Having always been a big fan of The Smiths, when Morrissey went solo, I started buying his albums, too. And when his tour came to Riverbend one summer, I couldn't resist. Another great show, though Morrissey was a bit of a self-important gasbag and refused to do an encore after security wouldn't let the crowd get closer to the stage.

Sinead O'Connor -- Also saw Sinead O'Connor at Riverbend. This was before she completely lost her mind. Very emotional performer, eloquent speaker, great singer. She had a fine band, too. I think guitarist Marco Pirroni was on that tour.


Anyway, those are a few of my tales. Please feel free to add yours here. No rush, no hurry. I'd just like to read some of your tales of your days of yore, listening to good music in interesting venues.



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