Posted on: October 18, 2008 6:01 pm

Best O Line? -- Build Your Team's 'Classic!'

Considering the issues that the Bengals have had this year with their offensive line, I thought I would look back over the history of the team and build my own Classic Bengals Offensive Line. To do so for the Bengals is likely not as difficult as it might be for some teams, since the Bengals have only been around since 1968. In that time, though, the team has had some pretty good offensive linemen. I'm picking one guy each for the five regular positions and a tight end.

Here goes!

Left Tackle -- Anthony Munoz (1980 -- 1992)

Left Guard -- Dave Lapham (1974 -- 1983)

Center -- Rich Braham (1994 -- 2006)

Right Guard -- Max Montoya (1979 -- 1989)

Right Tackle -- Willie Anderson (1996 -- 2007)

Tight End -- Dan Ross (1979-1983, 1985)


Lapham played all over the line, but he was at left guard the year the Bengals went to Super Bowl XVI (1981 season) against the 49ers. Munoz and Montoya were on that team and the team that played the 49ers again in Super Bowl XXIII (1988 season). Braham and Anderson helped make the line work during some truly bad years for the Bengals and were both around for the last Bengals visit to the playoffs in 2005. Dan Ross was a good blocking end who also brought the goods as a receiver -- he is tied with two other receivers for the most receptions (11) in a Super Bowl (XVI). In that game, Ross, who died in May 2006, tallied 104 yards and two touchdowns.

And what can you say about Anthony Munoz. He is one of the best offensive lineman to ever play the game. Munoz also is one of only three from the Bengals organization in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the others being wide receiver Charlie Joiner and team patriarch Paul Brown.

This has been therapeutic for the blues I'm suffering as a Bengals fan, watching the subpar play of their offensive line this year.

Please feel free to add your own input if you are a Bengals fan, as I'm sure there are differences of opinion, or post your own Classic Offensive Line for another team!




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