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Posted on: February 10, 2009 11:11 pm
Edited on: February 10, 2009 11:39 pm

WKC -- Thank God the poodle didn't win!

In an upset victory, the Sussex Spaniel, winner of the Sporting Group in this week's Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, beat out the Brussels Griffon, winner of the Toy Group and the Vegas favorite, to win Best In Show! Congratulations, Stump!

Yes, I said the Brussels Griffon was the Vegas favorite. Some people will put money on anything!

I'm just happy that the Standard Poodle, winner of the Non-Sporting Group, didn't win Best In Show. It is just awful how owners/breeders/handlers groom the poodles, Standard and Toy, for these shows. They don't even look like dogs when they get done with them -- they look like something out of a post-modern artist's nightmare.

Other winners included:

Hound Group -- Scottish Deerhound

Terrier Group -- Scottish Terrier

Herding Group -- Puli

Working Group -- Giant Schnauzer

I love dogs, and every year I try to catch most or all of the Westminster Kennel Club show. Last year, a Beagle won Best In Show. Within the last few years, a Newfoundland won Best In Show. In my life, I have owned both breeds, and they are great dogs.

Breeds I've seen in the show that I would like a chance to have as a companion before I shuffle off this mortal coil: Irish Wolfhound and Rottweiler.

Here is a link to the CBSSports.com wire story on the show.


This year's show was a good one, and I'm already looking forward to next year's show!

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